Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multiple Projects and Distractions

I am currently halfway through the first fantasy novel I have ever written.  (I've actually just hit the 'this is terrible!  What was I thinking?' stage...but that's besides the point)  Anyway, I'm halfway through this novel and I've suddenly found myself distracted.

I know what you're thinking.  Isn't it normal to be distracted?  You're right, it is.  Everyone gets distracted.  By real life, by the people around them, even by tv shows that they've been putting off watching so they could immerse themselves in the world they've created in their heads.  What do I get distracted by?  New projects.  That's right, new projects.

In case you were wondering, I currently have three projects on the go.  One that has the first novel written and is awaiting edits.  A second that I'm halfway through the first novel, and a third that I'm writing with a friend that I'm awaiting his chapters on so I can write my chapters.  So I need a new project about as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Unfortunately now that a new project has planted itself in my brain, it refuses to leave.  And alone with plots and possible settings that have me stumped, but still somehow distract me from my current novel, I have ten (Yep...ten...) characters who have yet to be named shouting at me to write their stories already.

I've offered to let certain friends take these unnamed characters and half thought out plots off my hands, but they have informed me that they have enough of their own characters to feed and take care of.

So now instead of concentrating on the scene at hand and writing terrible first draft...um...I mean brilliant first draft scenes, I'm writing about one character while thinking about another one altogether.  This makes for very frustrating writing bouts where my fingers are trying to type the wrong words because I have two stories running through my head.

What do I do?  I'm going to ignore the new characters with their unfinished plots and undecided settings and concentrate on my current novel.  And if they get too demanding of my attention?  I'm planning on threatening them with extinction.  With never writing their story.  I'm hoping this shuts them up for long enough for me to get my current novel written.  If not, well, if you see me talking to myself in the streets, just walk away.

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