Sunday, November 6, 2011

Animals Are People Too...

It has come to my attention today, that it is not just not just the people in my life that are suffering because I have randomly disappeared into my fortress of solitude (also known as my room, and where my desk is.)

You see, I have a cat. She's annoying, as cats tend to be. She knows exactly how to piss me off, and she can somehow manage to do it while still looking so cute that I want to forgive even though minutes before I swearing that I was going to kill her. In other words, she's the typical cat, if a bit louder than most thanks greatly to the Siamese part of her.

My cat is not allowed in my room. She knows this, I know this, it is common knowledge in our house. Most of the time she doesn't even try. She'll beg for my attention all the way down the stairs and lay down and stare in my room longingly, but generally she's pretty good about not running inside and hiding under my bed. (She's done it a few times, but really, I swear she was getting better.

Since the beginning of November, however, it appears that I have offended her greatly, for she has run into my room more times than I can count. Every time I have something in my hand that would keep me from stopping her, she's right there. Ready to get in by doing anything she has to. Jumping over a foot, squeezing between the door and the frame. I think once I nearly managed to catch her tail in the door while trying to keep her out. Thankfully I didn't hurt her.

I've come to the conclusion that this is my cats way of rebelling my hermitish ways. She feels, in fact, that I have been spending far too much time with my computer, and not nearly enough time with her (which could be true. I have written over 50k, and done a blog post for every day so far). So she is doing everything in her power to spend time with me. Even if that is curling up in my blankets and sleeping while I type away at my computer.

It's making me think that along with those extra presents I'm putting under the tree for those people who so kindly come down every few hours to make sure I'm still breathing and not collapsed under a mountain of words might not be the only thing I'm going to be doing in December.

If my cat has anything to do with it, I will be covered in her fur for the entire month just to make up for it.

For now, though, I'm going to endeavour to spend more time with her everyday. Even if it is only a few minutes to snuggle.

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