Thursday, November 24, 2011

Challenge Accepted

At the beginning of the month I was challenged by a friend of mine to write a blog post every day of the month. And this is on top of my goal of 300, 000 words written for NaNoWriMo. I, being someone who has a hard time refusing such challenges, of course said yes.

Earlier in the month, that friend managed to miss a day. And, I’ll admit, I might have been a little petty in my taunting of her. After all, she was the one to issue the challenge, and she was the one who had missed a day. I was having a great time, making fun of her for missing that day.

Well, last night I forgot to post a blog. I can give you my excuses (I had been trying to get some writing done and had gotten really frustrated and tired, so I gave up and decided to give myself a bit of a day off. I figured I could catch up later and I ended up watching some tv shows and just going to bed.) but the fact of it is, I missed a day.

I actually went to bed, it was just after midnight, snuggled under the covers, and my eyes flew open as I realized that I had never posted anything…it was a saddening moment. If you had been there, you would have cried. I swear it.

So now I’m am blogless on the 23rd, and I keep staring at my blog thinking ‘I’m only going to have 29 posts for November’ and there’s really nothing I can do about that. Except make two blog posts in one day, and I think that might be cheating. In fact, it is cheating, and who would be happy with that? Not me…

I’m expecting much taunting and teasing when I see her on Saturday, and I will accept nothing less. After all, we’ve both missed a day now. Neither of us can claim to have won this challenge. Perhaps it’s one we’ll try again next year. And if it is, I know that I’ll end the month with that perfect number 30 showing beside November.

What I do know is that I’ve already run out of topics to post about. Hence this post about a missed post. Who knows what I’ll write about tomorrow! Though it may involve monkeys…

Anyway, I am officially recommitting myself to this challenge. As of today I will not miss another day this month. That number will not fall below 29!

Next years New Years Resolution: Stop accepting insane challenges.

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