Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Pens In Our Lives

So, I have a pen. It's one of those ones that hang on a cord around your neck so that you have it with you everywhere you go. I got it from winning a word war at one of the NaNoWriMo events in my region. Usually the stuff in the box is just little random things that no one would ever buy for themselves, but when you get to pick it out of a box as a prize seems fantastically awesome.

Anyway, I picked the pen out of the box because I thought, hey, I like pens. Why not. Besides, it looked like it might work better than any of the other pens I had decided to grab out of the box for that very reason, and it's actually kind of cute. The best part is that it has black ink, which is my favorite kind.

Turns out the pen may very well be the best thing that's every happened to me. I know you're out there laughing because I'm gushing about a pen. Well let me tell you. It has yet to fail me. I use it to track my word count (because yes, I am just that organized) and every time I need it, there it is. Around my neck. Ready to go.

It doesn't care that in those fifteen minutes when I usually write a thousand words I only wrote eight hundred. It doesn't care that I'm, technically, almost 20k behind my goal. The pen is nonjudgmental, and I like that.

Now you're all wondering just how crazy nano has made me, as I'm rambling on about a pen. Of course, this post could be about a pen that I chose to write about because I've run out of topics thanks to a challenge I received wherein I have to write a blog post a day, but I like to think it's more than that. I like to think that this pen has helped me in my writing endeavours.

It's stuck by my side loyally, not even complaining when I accidentally left it at home, though it really did have the right to. It tirelessly does everything I ask of it, and it understands that I have to somewhat ignore it in favour of my keyboard during November.

How many relationships like that do you have in your life? Yeah. That's what I thought.

So, I decided to take this moment to dedicate a blog to the pens in all of our lives. Those that stand by us even when we hate ourselves and everything we've ever written. Those that allow us to be grumpy to them because our characters are giving us a hard time. Those that have supper on the table every night when you've got yourself tied to your computer chair in an effort to get those words done.

We could all use a few more pens in our lives...

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