Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why, Hello Real World

It's the second day of NaNoWriMo, and already I feel like the real world is intruding on my writing time. This, of course, comes in the form of my full time day job that helps me to sustain my writing addiction.

I had taken yesterday off because I knew I was going to be out at the regional Kickoff event until at least 2 in the morning, and so I had the luxury of sitting around my house just writing. And write I did. I ended the day (well, it was technically after midnight, but in my mind it was still day 1) at 15, 028 words.

Today, though, that number has yet to change. Here I am, on my break at work, and I'm writing a blog post. This is the first chance I've had to sit down with my computer all day. Which means that the story that got so much attention yesterday has to be pushed to the back of my mind. And my characters are not happy about that.

All day I've been making mistakes, or just forgetting to do certain steps, because my mind is in another world entirely, wondering just how that character is going to get the other character to not arrest her. As if that has any bearing, what-so-ever, on the registration renewal that I'm currently trying to type into the computer and keep messing up.

My characters don't care that I need to concentrate so that I don't end up registering the wrong car to the wrong plate. No. All they care about is that yesterday they were the center of my universe, and today they're shoved aside with a promise that I'll get to them eventually.

One day maybe I'll get that chance to sit at home all day, confident that a check was in the mail to pay me for my writing addiction, but for now I must go to work just like everyone else. Even in November when all I want to do is immerse myself in the lives of my characters. Even those characters that try to make themselves important when they're supposed to be in only one scene...

Until I'm off, though, I suppose I shall content myself with simply imagining what I'm going to write tonight. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to concentrate on my work for the rest of the night? Wish me luck!

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