Sunday, December 4, 2011

A commitment

Now that NaNoWriMo is officially over, I have decided to recommit myself to my blog.  In November I took on the insane challenge of a blog post a day.  Unfortunately that it not something I can keep up with on a permanent basis.  For one thing, by the end of the month I no longer had any topics to write about.  And without any writing to complain about, I'm going to have even less to write about.

Instead, after coming to the conclusion that I want to post more often, I have decided to post once a week.  That day is going to be Sundays, starting today.  (Yes.  I do realize that it's almost midnight and I should really have done this earlier, but as I was at a hockey game with my boyfriends parents, it was a little difficult.)

My commitment is to have it posted every Sunday no later than midnight.  I cannot guarantee that they will all be the greatest posts in the world, but I can guarantee that they will help you to follow my incredibly exciting journey to being published.  (2012 will be the epic year of querying.)

The next year will include a submission to ABNA (Amazon Breakout Novel Award), NaNoEdMo, and the sending out of my first query letters.  Therefore you can expect to hear all about how much I hate editing...why I hate my characters...and the arrival of my first rejection letter.

I know you're just as excited as me, and I hope that hearing about my journey will help you to start (or continue) yours.  But, if all this blog brings you are a few laughs, I'm happy with that too.

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