Sunday, July 15, 2012

San Francisco Here I Come!

Every year OLL (Office of Letters and Light who hosts NaNoWriMo, and various other events) hosts The Night of Writing Dangerously.  It's a great night when 250(ish) wrimos get together at a Noire Themed dinner and, basically, write.

To put it simply, it's a ginormous write in with a noire theme and candy.  Lots and lots of candy.

In my opinion it's probably the goal of every wrimo out there to attend this gala at least once, and I'm going to be doing that very thing this year.

November 18th will see me in San Francisco, possibly dressed in a Noire Themed outfit and sitting at a table with wrimos from all around the world that have accomplished the same goal as me.

See, to go to this event, we wrimos have to raise $200 for OLL.  It's a fundraising event, so that just gets us in the door.  Then we have to buy our plane tickets and pay for a hotel, not to mention all the touristy stuff we're going to end up doing while we're there.

Me, being the overachiever that I am, have set an even higher goal for myself.  OLL is a fantastic organization that has brought the world more novels than you can shake a fist at.  Even if most of those novels never see the light of day, it's a great program, showing people that they have it within themselves to write that novel they've always been thinking about doing.

Without nano, I don't know where I would be in my life right now.  I would never have met my boyfriend.  I wouldn't have already written ten novels (no, none of them are published, but every novel I write brings me closer to that one that's going to be put on the bookshelves, I know it).  I wouldn't have the friends that I currently have.  I would be wasting my life away still not knowing what I wanted to do.

It's because of nano that I started this blog.

I want to show that appreciation by raising $500 for them.  Of course, I require your help for that.  I've already donated $300, but I'm hoping that I can fundraise the rest of the amount.  Love will be shown for anyone who donates, probably in the form of a blog post.

If you want to help, I've posted a link to my fundraising page in the sidebar to the left.  I want to thank anyone who helps in advance.  This a great organization who deserves every penny that's donated to them.  Their work with youth alone makes them amazing.

I encourage anyone who hasn't heard of nano to visit their site.  If you've been thinking about writing a novel, why don't you sign up and join us in our adventure in November?

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