Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Covers

As always, I've found myself falling behind on all of my current projects.  (Actually, I'm caught up with my planning, but just barely.  I'm surprised that I've managed to make it this far).  Unfortunately that means that the amount of time I have for blogging has been reduced to nothing.  So rather than droning on and on today (which, you all know, I'm perfectly capable of doing) I thought I would share with you the covers a friend of mine has made for my novels.

She's gotten three done, and says she has an idea for the fourth, and I can't wait to see what she come up with.  She's amazingly talented.

S.E. makes amazing covers (as I'm sure you'll all agree).  I love her work, and I'm extremely grateful that she decided to make these covers for me.  While I work on a novel, I enjoy having these covers plastered everywhere (just in case anyone was wondering what I was currently working, of course).

Are you participating in nano and want her to make a cover for you?  Visit her thread and request one. She is taking orders until the 28th of October.  I would suggest you get in while you can.

Do you like to  make covers for your novels?

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