Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bogged Down in Derailment (Day 29)

This morning I woke up bound and determined to finish my current novel, and knowing that if I wrote about 15k today, I would finish it and I could move on to short stories tomorrow to attempt to get my last 15k to get me to 300k.

Now, my ultimate goal this month was to finish all four manuscripts, so if I don't get to the short stories, I'm not too worried.

Anyway, I was doing alright.  Maybe not as motivated as I've been as of late.  I've discovered that the people I was using for motivation didn't have the goal of 300k, and now I'm ahead of all of them and wondering if I'm going to flounder again.

But I was determined not to.  I was going to hit my word counts both days, and finish with as many words as last year.

And that's when disaster struck.  I've always been a planner, and writing out of order just doesn't work for me.  I stare at a blank screen, and wonder what specifically happened between the last thing I wrote and this scene.  It's never good, and completley unproductive, so I usually avoid it.

Well, I hit a part where I realized that what I had planned wasn't actually going to work for the story, and the chapter that I had just finished was also not going to work.  I was going to have to delete it and completely reword what I was currently working on.

I thought that I coiuld mark off what I needed to do and just keep going,t hen come back to it during edits and get it all fixed up.  What I wasn't expecting (Though I should have been) was my brain completely shutting down.

Hours were wasted (well, maybe not wasted...I did catch up on revenge) before I realized that no matter how much I told myself that I could move on to the next chapter and come back to this part in edits, it just wasn't going to work for me.  I had to deal with it now.

So I moved the problem chapters to a folder entitled 'to delete' (so that their words still count) and have started fresh.

I'm not sure that I"m going to finish this novel before the end of the night now, but at least I"m working on it again.  And it's starting to get interesting.  I want to see where the new twists take me, and where it's going to end.

Now, I better get back to it, if I want to get as much done tonight as possible.

Happy Writing!

*  *  *

Daily Word Count: 10,009
Total Word Count: 280,400

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