Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Interference (Day 3)

Today is the third day of nano and the first official write in of the season! (I never count the kick off...not sure why. Could have something to do with the utter lack of sleep)

I should be excited. Hell, I should be ecstatic! There should be some jumping off of the walls going on, huge grins, and barely contained energy that has the rest of the world looking at me like I've just been let out of the loony bin.

Somehow, though, the day has fallen flat.

Why? Well, the answer to that is simple. You see, I'm working. My day job (For those of you counting, yes I am planning doing 320,000 words while working a full time job, but rest assured, I have taken the last two weeks of November off. Both for the trip to San Francisco and to take some of the pressure off...last year, though, there was no vacation...just saying.)

I work at a registry. That means that I spend my day doing things like handing out licenses, renewing registrations and listening to people bitch to me about the speeding ticket they got for doing ONLY 115 on deerfoot. It's not exactly the most inspiring of atmospheres. In fact, it's the opposite of inspiring.

To make matters worse, I got to stare at the clock and see that everyone was already at the write in while I was ordering people birth certificates and trying to explain why you can't just switch over your Indian License to an Alberta one, because there are rules and laws and policies in place that prevent me from doing it.

All in all, I'm losing a little of the nano spirit as I sit at my desk listening to the issues everyone is having today. All I want to do is be at home (or better yet, the library) writing away. Working to hit my 11k that is my goal for the day.

Unfortunately, the day job is something that I need to do in order to survive. As I'm not yet published, my writing doesn't support me, and I need to pay the bills somehow.

So, in order to help ourselves feel just a little better, my friend and I have decided to throw our own little write in (it's just going to be the two of us). Neither of us could attend today's event due to work, so we'll head down to our usual Denny's and write up a storm all by ourselves.

Here's hoping I can hit my goal!!

Have you attended any of your regions events this year?

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Daily Word Count: 7,151
Total Word Count: 34,834


  1. I haven't been to any write-ins yet, but plan to do a couple. The problem I've had before (with regular write-ins, not necessarily NaNo related) is that they end up being social events more than anything. Which is fine, except that some people go with the pretense of writing and this hurts them.

    Also, you're pushing a boulder up a mountain without a forklift. The fact that you have over 60% of a normal NaNo word count and it's only three days in blows my mind. Keep up the great work and don't let the spirit-crushing job keep you down! You got this! Think of it this way: boulders are just grains of sand, but bigger.

    1. Yes, write ins can be very social (especially here) so they're not always as productive as they could be. But, I find that really helpful with my goals. I love meeting new people, and talking to other people who are doing the same thing as me.

      And thanks ^^ I'll get it done, I just have to stop procrastinating first...