Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There is Only One Goal

Each writer has their own goals, set using different variables.  How fast we write.  How fast we edit.  When we need to have something done by.  What's going on in our lives.  etc.  But there's one goal that every writer has: To be able to call themselves an author.

There is a difference, of course, between a writer and an author.  While you have to be to a writer in order to be an author, the same is not true for the other way around.  You see, writers are people who write, but have yet to be published.  Authors are people who write and have had a piece of work published.

I'm a writer.

My friend Eric A. Satchwill, however, is an author.

This momentous occasion occurred today!  He wrote a short story and submitted it to an anthology.  One yes, a couple blog posts, and some publishing later, and he finds himself with the brand spanking new title of Author.  Shiny, right?

Of course, there may have been some small amount (or huge mountains full of) jealousy on my part, but I still couldn't be happier for him.  He has achieved the first step in making it in the world of writing.  He's gotten published, and -- for today at least -- he can sit back, look at that short story and think that he has achieved something.  He's accomplished his goal.

Just like the rest of us, though, his journey isn't going to stop there.  Let's face it, I doubt there is a single author out there that got their first book/short story/poem published and thought 'yep, that's it.  My life goal.  I'm done!' No.  We always have more dreams, more goals, more accomplishments to push toward.

His is the novel he's been working on for the past two years Fallen Things.  As someone whose a part of his critique group, I can tell you that it's great, and one day it's going to be out there on the shelf ready to be purchased.

And me?  Well, we all know that I have a short story out for submission (50 days and counting...hoping to NOT get a response, because they're saying that an early response is not generally a good thing).  And, of course, there's Pandora, which I'm currently editing.  It's going well, for once.  I think that may be because I got most of the issues ironed out in the first go around.

One day soon I'm going to join Eric in the ranks of published author.  I'll have that shiny new title (may even make a name plate that says so...just for the hell of it) and I'll be ready to jump in to the work of authors and make my mark (I'll probably use a red pen...)

How close are you to getting your shiny new title?  Do you already have it?  What are you working on hoping to get published??

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  1. I would have to say that I'm still far from this title, but that's okay with me, I'm sure one day I'll get it.

    At the moment I'm still trying to finish my Nano story which is 1 of 3(?). This is one of my major works that I would love to get published.