Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Magic Words

This is the novel that I wrote in the first ten days of November.

I got to say those words this week, and the feeling I got from it was incredible. On Thursday I finished the first of three novels I have planned out to write this month, and, as always, I got it printed out. Binding and everything. (Just coil, but I love doing it....) Then on Friday, when I met with some friends who are also doing NaNoWriMo this year, I got to hold it up and show them my accomplishments.

My novel has mistakes. There are at least two chapters (Though I'm actually thinking more like 3 or 4) that I'm going to have to completely rewrite. As one point I couldn't remember what I had named one of the creatures and used the first word I could think of (which happens to be from gaiaonline...don't ask...) and on more than one occasion I forgot to go back and add in eye/hair colour that I couldn't remember when I was actually writing.

I know all of this. I say it to everyone who says something like 'that's amazing!' or 'I want to read that!' and normally it's what drags me down from the high of writing. Realizing just how much work I still have to put into it.

During Nano, though, I honestly couldn't care less. I keep picking up the book and looking it over. Randomly flipping through the pages as if I'm looking for something when I'm really just marvelling that it's done. That I wrote that novel, and I'm going to write two more before the end of the month. And I couldn't be happier.

Right at this moment, all I want to do is go around and tell every wrimo out there, the ones who are ahead, the ones who are on track, but especially the ones that are behind, that it is worth it. That when you're done you can print out that book (in whatever fashion you prefer) and hold it in your hands and know that you wrote that.

Forget about the mistakes and edits your going to have to make. Give yourself a minute to sit back and realize that you are, indeed, a writer. That you have written a manuscript. Whether if gets published or even read, it doesn't matter. You wrote that 50,000 words.

Because no one can take away that joy you feel as you realize what you've accomplished. And believe me, it is an accomplishment. Let December or January bring on the edits that will make you realize just how bad word wars can make you write, and for now, rejoice in the fact that you've done it.

You're a writer.


  1. You should have included a picture... It was an awesome little book!

  2. I"m right there with you. I'm about to print out my novel, though I don't have any coil binding, I'm hoping to find a folder or duotang or empty binder, just to look at it.

    What I'm surprised at is how much of a motivation it is to know you have it done and can move on to the next (one) challenge, especially when you get that feeling of 'oh, I'm done, good, I don't wanna write anymore.' (Which is fleeting, but does occasionally slap me in the face.)

    Congratulations, it is a very ambitious thing to set out to do NaNoWriMo in the first place and it's really an excellent feeling when you're done. <3

  3. Thank you Kai, and yeah, I know, but I am just not motivated enough to include pictures...I'm barely getting the posts up!! ^.~

    Kai, that's so awesome. We should bring them to the meet tomorrow and compare (or gloat??) haha, kidding.

    Congratulations on finishing yours as well!