Friday, November 11, 2011

There is Life Outside Nano

Today, for the first time this November, I actually have plans that aren't 'so...I'm going to write today...'. These are actual plans made with actual friends (most of whom are also doing nano, but I assure you, there will be no writing involved.) And I bet all of you can guess what is currently going through my mind.

When am I going to get my writing done?

I've been up since ten thirty, and of course I procrastinated for the first hour (who wouldn't?) by watching the latest episode Grey's Anatomy. (By the was far too sad of an episode...just putting it out there.) Then, after realizing that I had just wasted an hour of the few that I had to do all my writing and get ready, I started to frantically write.

This may have been the worst day to pick for doing this, too, as I'm planning on doing the 11-11-11 challenge (write 11,111 words today) which is higher than my normal goal of 10k. Not by much, but enough to make me panic a bit, as I wasn't entirely certain that I would get that done today, never mind the higher goal.

Add to that this blog post. The challenge that a certain friend of mine (who shall go know who I'm talking about) gave to me at the beginning of the month stipulates that I must put up a blog post every day. I can't take a break one day and put up two the next day, this has to be up today.

So now I'm panicking a little. I'm going to be picked up in three hours, and I have less than half the writing I need done.

Of course, the fact that I'm getting together with a bunch of writers doesn't help. Because of previous high word counts, it's not pretty much expected of me. So when I start to fall behind, people look at me in horror, and I feel almost like I'm ruining all of their hopes and dreams. As if by me falling behind they can't ever expect to catch up. maybe that's not quite true. But needless to say, I feel a little ashamed when I start falling behind. How can I set such high standards for myself and then not meet them? I feel like I'm trying to talk myself up and failing completely.

Regardless of that, however, I know that whether I get my words written or not, I've already won. 100K words in 10 days is far better than I did last year, and if I surpass my 154k from last year, then I can certainly be happy with myself.

Now if only I could relax and enjoy the day out...


  1. Give it a shot, Danni(relaxing and enjoying the day). I know that you enjoy working at a frantic pace. I think you inspire everyone, regardless of what your totals are. The only person that you are disappointing is yourself.

    So stop it already. Enjoy yourself. Otherwise, you're just stressing yourself needlessly. We'll all have to make sure you laugh quite a bit tonight!

  2. Oh, I have no doubt that you will ^^ Thank you. I know that I'm only stressing myself, but once I give myself a goal I get very attached to it...and I hate not hitting my own goals, you know??

    Anyway, tonight will be awesome ^^ Once I finish my words, of course!

  3. We are our own worst taskmasters. Don't worry though, I know you'll do what you need to!

    Good luck!

  4. At least you have social gatherings outside of NaNo. I don't. Unless you count improv group, which I don't... because I'm not going this week... So it's been 10 long, lonely days in front of my computer. You'll be fine. I'm still nowhere near caught up to you anyway.

  5. lol. But you could, at any moment. I do work all week next week, so I have no idea what you're going to do! And with the midway bash coming writing allowed ^.~

    And this is my only one...the rest of the month is pretty much devoted to writing...