Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost There...

So, here it is, day 10, and I just realized something. I am almost done my first nano 2011 novel. As a cyborg, I decided that I would write about 200k this year (which may have turned into 300k thanks to a certain someone telling me they were going to beat me this year...just saying) Which means, of course, that more than one novel is going to have to be written.

I'm guessing that all of my novels this year will end at about 100k words. (This is actually more what I'm hoping, because if they don't, then I don't have enough planned out to finish the month, and the last week is not going to be fun...) As I'm sitting at 90k right now, that means that tonight I should be finished the first of the three.

While this is, of course, exciting, I'm finding it a little sad at the same time. I only got to spend 10 days with these characters, and I know they have so much more they want to tell me. Like the fact that Llios is madly in love with Tiaeryn but can't tell her because they are literally not the same species. Or that Tiaeryn may have fallen in love with Jaerd, despite everything, but feels like she can't stay in that world.

How am I going to move on when there's still so much to do in this world?

The problem is that I have a hard time writing stand alone novels. And by hard time, I really mean that I just can't do it. I can't throw everything I know about my characters into one novel. Even my plots seem to get so outrageously big that one novel just wouldn't cut it.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why not just write the sequel this month too, since I'm obviously worried that I might not be able to get enough words out of the novels I have planned. Here's the thing, even now I know that this novel is going to require a lot of editing to be remotely ready to be read. And if I'm editing this novel after writing the next novel and I have to change something, that's a whole lot of editing to be done on the second novel too. And I hate editing. With a passion.

So now I'm stuck. I have no way to prolong my journey into this world. These characters will have to be pushed to the back of my mind after only 10 days of attention.

Of course, I can console myself with the fact that I will be diving into another world after tonight, one that I've been just as excited to write as this one. And I'll have a whole new cast of characters that I can talk to and figure out.

So I will go home tonight and finish this story, then say bye for now to the characters that have helped to shape this world. Then, after nano is done, I can come back to it and start the fun editing process. Then I'll see them again, even if it is while I'm beating my head against a wall.


  1. You Can do it! Total faith in you. And awe as well ;)

  2. I find that saying goodbye to my characters is the hardest part. It's probably why I tend to write (or at least plan) in series.

    And when I get bored, I kill 'em all off. :)

  3. lol. yep...killing them when they get boring will certainly teach them ^^