Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quick Update

Alright, so here's just a quick update.  Sorry, I'm too tired to do a full on post, it's been a long day.

After getting home from an eight hour shift, I've written 9826 words to kick off August.  It's just under my 10k goal, but as previously mentioned, I'm falling asleep at my key board.  I should have gone to bed about 2k words ago.

Anyway, the plan for the month is to finish with 150k, which means that I need to get my first 50k by end of day on the 10th.  Wish me luck.

Hope everyone else's camp nano is going great.  I promise a full update on Sunday after work.  It should be coherent and everything...okay...I'm not actually going to promise that...

Until then, Happy Writing everyone!

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