Friday, November 23, 2012

Running Toward the End (Day 23)

Today I was going to tell you all about Scrivener, but I didn't start writing quite early enough today, and now I find myself sprinting toward the end of this novel, and I can't quite drag myself away to tell you about the wonderful program that I love using for writing.  Some because I want to make sure that I tell you everything, and some because I know that I really just want to sit down and finish this novel.

Anyway, rather than telling you about Scrivener, I'm going to instead tell you about the fact that I'm almost done this novel!

It's late, of course.  I've been behind since about the fifth day of the month, but I'm going to pretend like this was exactly what I meant to do, and just move on with my life.

So, it's going to be finished tonight.  I have about 3k or so left to write in it, so I anticipate it will be finished before one.  Unfortunately I wish it could have been done before midnight.  Except that there just isn't enough time to get the writing done.

That means that after this post, I have to go back and write the rest of that novel.  So this post is going to be pretty short.  In fact, I'm heading back now!  Happy writing!!

*  *  *

Daily Word Count:13,135
Total Word Count: 187,864

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