Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In With the New!

This week me and a couple of my friends are starting a brand new project.  Something that none of us have ever done before, and that we all thought would be so much fun, we just had to do it: We're writing a script!

This all started last year when we realized that during Script Frenzy (a program that was offered by the Office of Letters and Light where the goal was to write 100 pages of script in a month) you could work as a team.  None of us thought that we would be very good at writing scripts by ourselves, but if we were working together we might actually have a chance of coming up with something noteworthy.

Of course, by the time we figured this all out, the month was nearly over, and we didn't have time to be starting anything new.  So we decided that we would put it off until this year.  That this year we were going to do script frenzy together!

You know how sometime life has a way of looking at the plans that you make and laughing in your face?  Usually it's rolling on the ground laughing hysterically until you walk away.  And even then it continues to laugh, though now it's doing so while trying to gasp out a 'wait, come back' and following after you with it's arms crossed over it's stomach because it was laughing too hard.

No?  Just me then?

Anyway, we made these plans and we thought 'this is going to be great!' and then OLL announced that it would have to regrettably drop Script Frenzy.  That since they started it, sign up rates had held steady or gone down, and the program wasn't making enough money to keep itself going.

The decision makes sense, of course.  If they're losing too much money on a project that isn't growing, why would they keep it open?  The timing was just bad.  One year earlier, and we would have managed it.

Of course, the one thing that you should know about me and my friends is that we're all damn stubborn.  We decided that we really didn't care if Script Frenzy was technically still up and running!  We were going to do a script in April no matter what!

So, in April we will be writing seven episodes (one an hour long, the others half an hour) of an original script that we've come up with.  I won't be sharing the plot of it at this point, mostly because I'm not sure we have an actual plot at this point, but I'm very excited about this.

It's the first time I'll be working on a script, and each one will be collaborative (every episode will have two writers.).  It should be an interesting experience.  With any luck, we'll have a usable script at the end of the month.  If not, well, at least we'll have tried something new.  Because nothing makes you a better writer than trying.

What are some new things that you have planned for the year?

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